Case Management for Children, Young People & Adults

Care to Educate Case Managers have many years experience of working effectively with children, young people, adults and their families.

Our Case Managers work with children and young people with a plethora of complex needs. We offer bespoke services for each client which are developed based upon their identified needs to ensure that they receive the appropriate education, care and health support which enables them to achieve their full potential.

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Our Case Managers can support with:

  • Initial Assessments in line with the Rehabilitation Code;
  • Providing support, advice and advocacy for the child, young person or adult and their family;
  • Navigating the statutory sector services;
  • Establishing and maintaining therapy teams;
  • Ensuring Education, Employment and Training opportunities are appropriate for the client;
  • Initiating and managing the recruitment, employment, retention and training of Support Workers;
  • Commissioning architects and therapists for building projects and housing adaptations;
  • Sourcing specialist equipment;
  • Advising on and organising leisure activities and holidays.

Here to help

If you require advice and support from a Case Manager regarding any of our services we would like to hear from you. Alternatively, if we have not mentioned a Case Management service you require assistance with please ask us as we may be able to help.